Monday, September 19, 2011

What are memories?

I have been doing a series of AudioBoos this year around the music I remember from my younger days. I have over 50 of them completed, and now I starting to think about what makes a memories for us. Now I have learned for the Music Memories that memories are not always facts. A person does not remember things exactly as they were. Memories are always different for the actual events they are based.

First, being the finite creatures that people are, we are notable to absorb everything that is happening around us. Even when a person is totally immersed in a situation there are always more things happening in the event than one person can observe. Even at the time of an event, a person does not remember all of the details of the event. It starts out incomplete.

Second, all people have filters, which are used to prioritise information which is remembered. There are things that people feel are important to remember, while there are other things that are not important. These filters are unique to each individual. So the memories that two individuals have of the same event will be unique to each.

So memories just are not a factual account of a event, but then memories are the things that affect how a person acts. They are the internal motivation each person has, and so they are what makes our background.

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