Monday, September 19, 2011


People who have been following my AudioBoos have noted that I seem to have a focus on the year 1967. The Summer of Love was a pivotal time for me for a couple of reasons. The first is that it was the summer between my Junior High School years and my Senior High School years. For a lot of people this is a period of transition for them. Actually, I guess that it is a transition into a transition period; that summer I was going from my child into the period I would transition into my adulthood.

The other event of that year was more important for the structure of my family. In late spring my younger brother developed a case of spine meningitis. My younger brother was 12 years younger than I am, so he was 2 years old at the time.The disease was life threatening, and my parents attention was focused for sometime that year on his health.

This left my siblings and I out of their direct attention for awhile. This does not mean that we were running wild, because being from a small town meant that my parents' family and friends stepped in to help. There were two particular developments that came of this. The first was that not everyone though the same way as my parents. While I was growing my parents were very opposed to going out to get a bite to eat. Why would someone want to eat something prepared at a restaurant when you could get the same thing at home that was better quality and cheaper. My parents friends took my siblings and I out to restaurants, and I discovered that when you went out to eat there were other people out there too, and eating out was also a social event. Home is a good place to eat, but eating in restaurants could be a nice social event.

The second things was that one of my cousins came to spend part of the summer with us. She was only a couple of years old than me, but her family background was significantly different than ours. Because of her families history, she looked at the structure of the family differently that my family did. Her family structure was that they would work together more as a team. In my family everyone had their jobs and each were expected to do them; we did not work together. She was not in my family long enough to help it develop a new structure, but I did get a glimpse into an alternate structure.

Finally, the summer was an opportunity for me go out and read a book and listen to music by myself. I learned that being along did not necessary mean that I was lonely, and this was an important development.

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