Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bobby Jindal Is Confusing Me

Bobby Jindal is the governor of Louisiana. At the moment he is criticising President Obama, because the President is not demanding that British Petrolatum pay for the construction of barriers along the coast of Louisiana to block the oil from BP's blown well.

Now I must define the characters of this blog. He is a Louisiana Republican. Now the major efforts of Louisiana Republicans is to strongly oppose all unnecessary restrictions on Louisiana industries, and by unnecessary restriction they mean any restrictions; they are very vocal in their opposition to all efforts to anticipate problems and try to avoid them.

Now Jindal wants to build a barrier along the coast of Louisiana to stop the oil and have BP pay for it. This idea has a couple of problems. The first is that feasibility of the project. If it was started the day of the blow-out with as many works as can be conscripted, it has little chance of being significantly complete before the oil is on shore. The design alone would be a huge task.

The second issue is there restrictions on to the financial liability of BP. After the Alaskan oil spill there were a lot of people who though that Exxon was unfairly expected to pick so much of the costs. Out of this there were tort restrictions placed on the liability these corporation face when they are involved in these type of situations. This little project of Jindal's would be cost a lot of money. He needs to live in the limits that he peers have imposed on the situation.

Finally, I think Jindal is trying to blame the President of the mistakes that his party has made. He rejected the possibility that there would be problems with the oil drilling. Now he needs to deal with them.

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