Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer Is Here

Denver has warmed a lot the last few days. The temperature yesterday was into the 80's. This was to be expected. However the problem is with the sleeping arrangements. Since there is only one person in my apartment, I have the bed pushed into the corner of the bedroom; I only need one side to access the bed. Now there are two that use the bed; my cat sleeps with me. Now all winter she has had no problem getting to the far side of the bed, even when I was in the bed. She either jumped over me or came through the small space on the far side of the bed.

The problem last night was the heat in the apartment. Bonita found that I blocked the bed room fan from blowing on her. She changed her side of the bed to have the breeze of the fan on her. The problem came when I needed get past here during the night. I do not jump as well her even though she is a lot smaller. She also did not cooperate by moving; she had found a nice spot to rest.

Needless, I think we are going to have to negotiate a better system here. I think I am going to lose this one.

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