Sunday, May 30, 2010

F*@% Arizona

With the passing of my Uncle, I was reminded of the setting of part of my childhood. My Uncle's small farm had three home along the US highway that ran along the south side of his land. The one on the east was a fairly large house, which my uncle had for his family. Going west there was a pasture, and then my Grandparent's home. It was smaller, but it was cozy. Going west again there was another pasture, and then an old rail car. This was the home of Shorty and his wife, Maria. I never knew their full name. I did know that they were illegals or "wet backs".

I never really met them. They were always just across the pasture. I know very little of their story. They came north to be field help, and stayed. When they were too old to do much work they moved into the rail car. I know my Uncle and Grandmother sent them food plates from many of our family events. Also I am certain that my Grandmother gave them food from her garden. She also canned a lot of food, so that must have been sent/taken over when other things were not available. She felt that she needed to do what she could to help these people.

When I was in high school, a new highway was built through the area. Actually it was built through all three homes. My Uncle's family and my Grandparents had to move. I never heard what happened to Shorty and Maria; they may have already passed on.

I guess were I am going with this is that we need people to do field work, etc. We need to take care of these people. We can't just let them in to do the hard work, and then kick them out when they are no longer needed.

BTW, if Arizona wants this law, then EVERYONE that is stopped by the authorities needs to prove their status: citizen or resident. There should be no exceptions. Also Arizona plate #1 should be pulled over at least once a day.

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