Saturday, February 20, 2010

When Tang Met Laika

Laika was a little dog the Soviets sent into space in Sputnik 2 November 1957; she was the first living thing in space from Earth. Tang was the American orange flavored powder that Astronauts drank in space.

The play follows the development of American-Soviet (Russian) relationships through their cooperation in space. It follows three people: Patrick, the first American Astronaut to visit Mir, Elena, a Cosmonaut on Mir, and Samantha, Patrick's wife. Patrick and Elena relationship grows from this, which also destroys Patrick's and Samantha's marriage.

Patrick is on the Space Station as nears completion, and the Columbia disintegration happened, which strands him on the Station. As a result his marriage to Samantha comes to an end and his relationship with Elena develops. Samantha is not able to understand what draws Patrick to space flight as well as Elena.

The play also examines the relationship of the two counties during this time. Two of the characters of the play are Young Communist (retired) and Young Capitalist (retired). They are trying to live with each other in a retirement community. They find that they do not like each other very much, but they need each other; one would be nothing without the other there.

This play is very different for last weeks Eventide. The progress of the story is not as important as the issues that are being examined. The relationship of the two countries, and the meaning of space exploration are more important than what the characters are doing.

The actors are good. Several of them had to play multiple characters, and did so well.

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