Saturday, February 13, 2010


Eventide is a continuation of Plainsong, a play the DCTC presented a few years ago. Both plays are adaptions of the stories of Kent Haruf about Holt County on the Great Plains of Colorado.

The play is composed of the three stories. The first being the continuation of the story of the McPheron brothers, Harold and Raymond. They are bachelor ranchers, who take in Victoria, a young unwed mother. Victoria has grown up and is off to college with her young daughter. However, Harold is killed in a ranching accident leaving Raymond alone. Victoria comes back from college to help out, but she has grown while away at school; she has met a young man, Del, who proves himself in Raymond eyes. Raymond insist that she return to school with her young man.

Out of this Raymond starts to date for the first time in his life. After a false start, friends help him meet Rose Tyler, a social worker, and their relationship starts to bloom.

A second story is of DJ and Walter Kephart. DJ is 11 year old boy, whose only living family is his grandfather. The grandfather's only real pleasure anymore is his monthly night out at the local tavern, when his monthly check arrives. After a particularly bad incident at the tavern, DJ meets up with Raymond, who hires him to help on the ranch on the weekends.

The last story is of the Wallace family. The parents, Luther and Betty Jean, are mental challenged, and they are very depended on their social worker, Rose. They love their children, but are unable to protect them when Betty Jean's uncle moves into their home and physically abuses them. They lose their children to a foster home.

These are people I know. I grew up in a similar town in Montana. Their values are basic American values. Raymond accepted Del, because he was willing to try to help, while totally forgiving his inexperience. Also Walter insists that DJ understand that he needs to earn any money Raymond gives him.

The acting was very even, and well done. Phillips Pleasant and Mike Hartman as the McPheron Brothers were particularly outstanding. They both had a wonderful sparkle in their eyes.

Over all the play is a wonderful bittersweet look at life on the American Great Plains. The outcome to the situations are not always satisfactory, in fact they are not always finished. It was a good experience.

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