Saturday, December 5, 2009


Well is a play about healing. Lisa Kron, the author and main character, looks at the illness and cures in her life. Her mother has a life long chronic illness, which never gets better. When Lisa was young, her mother was an activist in the neighborhood. She was able to help the neighborhood deal with its mixed ethnic status.

Lisa also had her own health problem. She had some sever food allergies. She was able to identify the risks with a hospital stay,and is now well.

Lisa's problem with her mother is that her mother is not able to cure herself. Lisa was able to cure her allergies and her mother was able to cure the neighborhood, but she was not able to make any progress on her own problem.

The style of the play was unusual. The characters where able to step out of character, and respond to the situations in the play.

Kate Levy as Lisa and Kathleen Brady as her mother were both very good in the parts. There was an ensemble of four actors, who also were very good in their parts.

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