Saturday, December 12, 2009

Annie's Cafe

Annie's Cafe
3100 E. Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO
(303) 355-8197

Annie's used to be my favorite local. However, a year and half ago the owner of their building decided that the neighborhood needed a hotel. He tore down the building;the economy tanked, and he changed his places to poorly landscaped mosquito pond. Annie's had to move out of the neighborhood and we had an eye sore.

Annie's was lucky. At the time another restraint, Good Friends, had to close, and their location was available. So they moved. They tried for a while to have a combination of the two places, but Annie's has gone back to what was their tradition: comfort food.

Annie's is known for their breakfasts, which are cheep, large and filling. They have the traditional eggs, potatoes and meats. Also the breakfast burrito is good.

For lunch they have some nice traditional salads. There are the usual hamburgers, and sandwiches. The sweet potato fried are a nice side to these.

They also have some dinner plates. The meatloaf is sweet and interesting. The fish and chips should be avoided.

The one thing from Good Friends that has remained is the bar. Now Annie's has always had an interesting of soft drinks like Lime Rickey, etc. With the bar they now have an interesting selection of adult beverages.

It is still my local, but the distance has made the visits fewer.

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