Friday, November 20, 2009


1575 Boulder St.
Denver, CO
(720) 570-8686

Lola serves Mexican seafood. The food is not particularly spicy.

The sangria was good. Much of the sangria that I have drunk was a good dry red wine with a little citrus, but it was not particularly refreshing. However, the sangria here had a lot of citrus and was quit refreshing after a warm day.

Also my sister who was with me though the seafood was very fresh. She has lived near the ocean in several locations and she was impressed that a restaurant in Denver could have this good of seafood. (My idea of seafood is that it must have had ice in it for 95% of its dead life for it to be safe to eat.)

I had the scallops and collard greens. I must say that each part was very delicious. The scallops were blackened. They were very tender and moist with a little bit of spice. The greens were braised with garlic, beans and spices. I do not like cooked greens, but these were excellent. The only problem I have is with the combination of greens and scallops. The collards have such dominate flavors, they overpower the scallops. However, I would love a plate of these green all by themselves.

My sister had the seafood hash. It contained shrimp, oyster, chorizo, and sweet potatoes. There was also an egg on top. She loved the combination of flavors. (She loves anything with sweet potatoes.)

We also shared a desert. It had a combinations of hot apple compote, hot bead pudding, and ice cream. It was a good combination.

This is a wonderful restaurant. Its only draw back was that it was very noisy for two old people.

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