Saturday, November 21, 2009

Absurd Person Singular

Absurd Person Singular is a play by Alan Ayckbourn. Acybourn has been compared to America's Neil Simon. The big difference between the two playwrights is that Ayckbourn writes about the dark side of life. His characters are unknowingly cruel to each other. However, his plays are easily as funny as Simon's.

Absurd Person Singular features three couples: the Hopcrofts, the Brewster-Wrights, and the Jacksons. Each of the three acts of the play is a Christmas Eve gathering at one of the couple's home over three years.

Act 1 is in the Hopcroft home. He is an up and coming tradesmen and she is a compulsive home cleaner. He trying so hard to impress the other people that he does not notice what his wife is going through to keep him happy including going out in a heavy rain storm to get tonic water for their guests.

Act 2 is in the Jacksons' home. He is an architect. but is a philanderer. He is about to leave his wife for another woman---maybe. He wants to move in with the other woman, but still be able to have times with his wife. She is in a sever depression. Her house is in a mess and she is planning to commit suicide. The action revolves around the other couples trying to help fix up the Jacksons' home and stop her from suicide.

Act 3 is in the Brewster-Wrights' home. His is a banker and she is a snob. She is also a boozer. The Jackson's are there: she has recovered some and he is now in trouble, because one of his buildings has collapsed. The Hopcrofts are doing very well. While the others try to avoid them, in the end they are the life of the party.

The play was very funny experience. All the actors were able to hold their parts well

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