Saturday, July 5, 2014

My Objections to the Birthday Thing

Now while I love all the personal greeting I recently received, there was a whole bunch of greetings that i had in my e-mail In Boxes that were far less than meaningful. They were all computer generated greetings inviting me spend money with a bunch of businesses...sometimes at a slightly reduced special rate. One of the worse one is displayed above. Google had a special greeting for me when I went to its search page. 

Now all these greeting have nothing to do with someone wanting me to have a good day, but they have been able to collect information on me, and were now using their computers to generate an e-mail to me. I am certain that no one at their place of business even noted that I was send one of their greetings unless it came up on a report that so many of these greeting were sent or maybe, if I did avail myself of their special offer. These thing are not only meaningless, but an annoyance. I do not want them.

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