Thursday, February 9, 2012


This is not about Denver getting more snow. It is about Denver not getting rid the snow it has. It  picked up about 18" of snow this past weekend. This is not that big of thing; I have seen several storms that were 24" and over in the35years I have been here. The problem is that the snow is not melting. Snow does not usually remain around Denver long; within a week after even the biggest storm the snow will be well on the way down stream. However, the temperatures here just have not gotten that much above freezing this past week to start the melt, and a lot of the snow is still here.

Since I do not drive, I have been walking around all of the snow piles that were made to get things moving. The streets were plowed by putting the snow on the side walks. I have been stuck walking in  the streets with the traffic to get around to t he few places that I want to visit. A  few day of 50 degree weather would be wonderful.

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