Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wal-mart and Small Towns

Miles City, MT is a small town. When I was young there were a variety of retains stores that provided the residences of the town with what they needed. However, since that time, the town has acquired a Wal-mart. It has put out of business a lot of the small stores that had been part of the community. However, I saw something very strange today, when I went into the store. Several of the display cases were less than 10% full. It is the middle of a three day weekend, and they were running very short on several things. In particular the meat counter was very empty. The economy hot dogs they offer were down to the last couple of dozen packages. There were few chickens and other meats that would be nice grill. There were also other areas such as toilet paper, and household cleaners that had shelves that were not totally stocked.What I looked like to me was that Wal-mart had over built their presents in the town and was now pulling back on the store. They built a large store, but the sales did not match the expectations, and now they were not placing the product on the shelves. They seem to be contacting their presents in the town. I don't see much good happening from this.

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