Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Garden Is In Progressing

The garden is progressing well this year. I still have the two plot at the Gove Community Garden. The east one contains my perennials: herbs, rhubarb, and flowers. I have re-worked it this year. I reworked the herbs so they are more compact and grouped together more. I now have about half of the plot opened up for something else. I think I am going to put the tomatoes in that area; they might do better there,because it has been some time since there were tomatoes in the plot.

I have started planting seeds in the west plot. So far I have put in lettuce, radishes, swiss chard, and red beets. I am planning to put in some peas, zucchini, cucumbers, kohl rabi, and carrots. The only other thing would be to put in some flowers here and there.

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