Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Audio Boos

Do you follow anyone on AudioBoo? You should. There are people that are producing them as short podcasts, so you might want to see what they are doing.

The first thing to do is to set up a AudioBoo account. Go to and you find a red "sign up" button in the upper right side of the page. (The information is minimal and Nom d'internet are accepted.)

Now you need to pick the people you want to follow. Now you can do a search for each person you might want to follow, and click the follow button their profile. However, a quicker way to find people is to go to someone's profile that has already followed people, and you could go through following list for possibilities. One profile that I have used to this Satyr69's; he is just perverted enough to know all the cool people.

There are a few people that you should follow for sure:
  1. Satyr69
  2. ThatPeterG
  3. GirlOfMayhem
  4. Rambleredhead1
  5. twinkleboi
  6. turnipHed
  7. hatM
  8. JohnOng
  9. AuntieVeraCharles
  10. J1970K
  11. moosep
  12. Littleaussiebattler
  13. DonnaSuggarz
  14. idliketobelieve (Michael Sage)
  15. hauntcub
  16. guru_nudie
  17. MissMisery
  18. BrotherCinaedus
Now some of these are not active right at the moment, but they have been in the past. Most are attention whores, so if they get some active followers, they might return.

Now to make the process easier, you can set your iTunes to pick up the Boos of the people you follow. (Now I am not Apple Freak, but that is what I use for podcasts; it is just easy to manage them.) When you are logged into AudioBoo, there is a black menu bar. Just under the AudioBoo logo is a browse drop down button. Open that menu and the first line is followed; this will take you to the list of the people you follow. At the top of the list a blue "RSS" button. Open that button, and copy the URL from you browser.

On open your iTunes, and on the menu at the top Advanced--->Subscribe to Podcast... Copy the URL into the window that opens. Hit "OK". Now iTunes will

BTW you are now ready to start doing your own Boos. Let me know, if you do, so I can follow.

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