Saturday, April 30, 2011

Superior Donuts

Superior Donuts is an old fashion family donut shop in Chicago. Arthur's parents started it when they can to the US form Poland. Now it has seen better days, and so has Arthur. Starbuck's is taking away his customers with their expensive coffee and food, and his neighbor wants the space to expand his store.

While he is trying to understanding things, he hires a young African American man, Franco Wicks, to help around the shop. He is a good addition to the store as he is enthusiastic about things; he has even written a novel that he wants to get published. However, he has a dark thing in his past: he is a gambler, and he owes a bookie a lot of money. When he is not able to pay the debt, the bookie makes an example of him.

This helps Arthur to come to some conclusions in his life, and he sells the store.

Mike Hartman does a very good job of presenting Arthur with all his conflicts. He is very believable as an ex-hippy or maybe not so ex.

Also Sheldon Best is very good as Franco. He is able to present him as young man who is just starting his life with all the hopes, and foibles.

Over all Superior Donuts was an enjoyable evening in the theatre.

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