Saturday, April 16, 2011


Ruined is the story of Mama Nadi and attempts to maintain her business in the middle of the civil war that has been raging in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She tries to also provide a safe place where she and her employees can live and work, while various groups are brutal campaigns outside of her place.

Mama employees have all experienced the brutality of the soldiers in the various militias. Rape is a common tool of the soldiers, and the women are then rejected by their family and friends; they are ruined. They are forced to turn to prostitution for a living and become employees of Mama. She does prove to have a heart for her employees, and gives the best place to live as she can. In the end though she is not able to straddle the fence between the sides. The only thing that saves her is the fact the war moves on.

Ruined is an intense piece, because you care about the characters, and their ability to survive. It is an piece that lets the audience get a glimpse to what is happening in other parts of the world

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