Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nuclear Power

In the past few years Nuclear Power has been experiencing a regeneration in its support. With global warming, it has been coming back into favor as an alternative to fossil fuel as a method of generating electricity. There were even indications that t here might be permits for the building of new ones.

That was until the recent Japanese earthquake damaged some of their power plants. It must be admitted that the earthquake was one of the more sever quakes in history, the results are frightening. At the moment there are four units that are in danger of a melt down, if it has not already happened.

This has brought the question of the safety of these plants to the surface. Now the plants that are having problems are old, but that does not mean that the new ones that might be constructed in the future have the problems addressed. These are questions that are too important to be ignored. (Also the safety of the old plants should be considered in the light of the current developments in Japan.)

Finally, is a nuclear disaster really something that needs to be added to another devastating disaster? Why not avoid these problems in the first place?

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