Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Catch

The Catch, which had its World Premiere at the DCTC, looks at several issues in modern sports. The story revolves around Darryl Love, a baseball star, who is on his way to breaking the record for home runs in a season.

Gary Zipnik is a young man, who has had his share of failure in his life. He lost his .com company, when the bubble burst at t he end of the 90's. In this he also lost his wife and house. He now has come up with a plan, where he will be the one to catch Love's record breaking ball. With a lot of research he his figured out the location where the ball will probably fall.

On the final game of the season, Love hit the record breaking home run. Gary catches the ball, but loses it when jumped by the crowd. Michael Normura came up with the ball. Both men lay claim to the ball; a law suite decision forces the sale of the ball, and the splitting of the income.

On the day of the auction it is revealed that Love may have been involved in a steroid scandal. This causes the ball to sell for a lot less than was hoped. Also at home, Gary reveals that he was the winning bidder; in hopes of driving the price up, he had obtained a loan and made a bid for the ball.

The play was an enjoyable evening. It had a nice combination of humor and drama.

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