Saturday, December 11, 2010


Reckless by Craig Lucas is a play that is part farce, part social criticism, and part personal memoir. Also it is a seasonal play because the plot advances through a series of Christmases.

The memoir is that Craig's life influences parts of the story. He interjects his life into the story of the children that the lead character, Rachel.

The farce is the personality of Rachel. She is a hyperactive bubbly personality that hits life at full speed. Just trying to keep up with is funny. The play starts with her husband telling her that he had taken a contract on her life forcing her to flee into the winter night.

Finally, the social criticism is of the television staples: Game shows and Talk shows. They both are presented as being superficial and exploitative. Also NGO's (Non-governmental Organizations) are presented as money hungry groups, that really have no idea of their financial situation.

The play was a fairly nice evening. The actors all were good in their parts. However, the play itself was unfocused. If it had take on only one or two of the threads in the plot, it would have been better.

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