Friday, October 15, 2010

Are You Following Pride48's Audioboos?

Are you following Pride48's Audioboos? Audioboos are short audio files that are recorded and uploaded to the Audioboos web site. My Audioboos are here. However, there are several Pride48 listeners and podcasters that have posted Audioboos. Three people that regularly produce boos are Satyr69, Donna Suggarz, and turnipHed. Also Boos by Ramble Redhead, Nessa, Scottie, and your truly can be found.

You may have seen the uploading of a new Boo by these people announced on Twitter. However, did you know that you can also download them through iTunes, and it is quit easy.

First, on the computer you use to manage your podcasts with iTunes, go to Audioboo. There you will see in the upper right corner a button for joining AudioBoos. This is optional, but when you are a member, you can follow the various personalities on Audioboo. It also creates a space for your own Boos.

When you have your membership, again look at the upper right corner. There you will find a Search bar. Put "Pride48" into it, and hit the search button. This will produce a list of all the Boos that have a tag, which contains "Pride48". There will also be tags that use the word pride, too. Double click on one of the "Pride48" tags, which will clear out the extras. There will now be a button labeled "iTunes" at the top right of the list. Click on the button. Now it could take a moment for your computer to open iTunes, and set up the subscription; it will be very similar to subscribing to a podcast.

Now that you have subscribed to Pride48's Boos, you should consider making your own. See my next blog.

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Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

Thanks for posting this! I think I'll steal it! :-)