Saturday, August 7, 2010

Colorado Senate Race

I have written in the past about the Colorado Governor's Race. There is a second state wide race this year in Colorado: the U.S. Senate race. Both of the major parties have primary races.

Now this is the seat that was held by Ken Salazar, before he was appointed Secretary of the Interior. Michael Bennett, Denver School Board President, was appointed to complete the term.

The Republicans have Jane Norton, the former Lieutenant Governor, and Ken Buck, the Weld County District Attorney. Norton is the mainstream candidate, and Buck is to the right. It is close.

The fun in the race is on Democratic side---well not really. Michael Bennett is trying to be elected to the position. He has received the endorsement of much of the Party leadership, including President Obama. However, he being opposed by Andrew Romanoff, the Speaker of the Colorado House, and he has received the endorsement of former President Clinton.

Romanoff is to the left of Bennett, and is presenting an anti-Washington claim. Supporters from each side have disrupted the opponents events. Also the media ads have become very negative.

The various polls for the various combination indicate that that no one seems to have an advantage.

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