Saturday, July 31, 2010

Colorado Republicans part 2

It is official. Tom Tancredo is running the office of Colorado Governor on the American Constitution party ticket. The person that had been running on that ticket has stepped aside for Tancredo's candidacy.

The Republicans are still do not want to support either of the candidates running in their primary. They are on the record that they will ask the winner to step aside for another candidate.

With this news I am torn between two emotions. The first is the hope that this will make it easier for the election of the Democratic candidate, John Hickenlooper. With Tancredo on the American conservative party, and the Republicans running either a tainted candidate or a third choice, the chances of the Democrats seem have an easy task trying to show they have the better candidate.

However, I also have some fear that there is some kind of trap in all this. Whether it is a fear that the Democrats are going to get compliance in their campaign or the Republicans take advantage of the situation and are able to somehow turn the situation.

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