Monday, June 21, 2010

Airport Inn

Airport Inn
Airport Hill
Miles City, MT 59301

This is not a Denver Restaurant, so sue me. In Miles City the Airport Inn is an institution, and has been for many years. It was a place that you went to for pizza back when I was in High School.

It is located half way up Airport Hill on Highway 59, north of Miles City. This lends it one of its other attractions: the view of the town below.

Pizza is one of the Inn's main stays. It is not great pizza with subtle uses of basil and other herbs. It is hearty pizza that goes with a group of friends and a cold beer. It is enjoyable and unpretentious.

The other food that people return for is the finger steaks. They thin slices of beef dipped in batter and fried. They are served with fries, onion rings, and veggie sticks. This can be heaven. The shrimp is also good, but the chicken is bought prepared, and does not live up to the beef.

This is my past, but it is also the past of several generations of people from Miles City. It is good.

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