Saturday, May 22, 2010

Things Are Changing

This past week I had several changes to my life. The first is that I went mobile; I had been holding out to see if the iPhone would be coming to Verizon. There are rumors that they will have something in August. However, since I was approaching 6 months since my contract, they were offering me a Droid for less than $100. I could not pass up this price. (I would be surprised if the price of the Verizon iPhone would be less than $200.) So I now have the Droid, and it is set up to do most of the things I want to do. I am able to listen to the Pride 48 stream on the way home from work. (Since they are all set up with Eastern time, you have to rush to get home to listen to them.) I have also setup things for the chat room, but this may not work with the stream. However, I am mobile.

The second thing new is this blog has its first follower. Now I have to make sure that I produce better and regular content. I know that the past few weeks have been little more than weather reports. Well that is an important issue in my life as one of my hobbies is gardening, and weather is important in that.

Now to the garden: my sister and I planted a lot of the seeds: carrots, zucchini, swiss chard, and beans. This just about completes one of the plots. There is room for one more row, and I am holding out for red beets and kohlrabi. The second plot has a lot of perennials, so there is little room other things. We are going to put in a cucumber and acorn squash. We are also starting to lay down the soaker hoses to make watering easier. We will finish things tomorrow.

The weather is very warm. The wind has been stiff today too. It just is not cold. That is an improvement.

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