Saturday, April 3, 2010


I have a problem with Shakespeare. It is that while I love the stories of the plays, but I do not really care for the language which is used in the plays. I think the language is beautiful, but it interferes with the audience understanding of the story.

With that said, Othello is about relationships between races. This idea maybe more of an issue in the current age than it was in Shakespeare's time.

Othello is a Moor, who is a general in the Army of Venice. He has secretly married Dedemona, a daughter of a Venetian Senator. He has a strong enemy is the person of Iago, who has been passed over for promotion.

This performance was particularly good. Othello was played by Robert Jason Jackson. He brought a strong, but controlled dignity to the character. He did not over play the character.

Iago was played by John Hutton. In the past I have frequently not been a fan of John's depiction of various villainous characters. However, his performance here was believable. He brought an understated evil to the character that added force character.

Over all this was one of the better Shakespeare performances I have attended at the DCTC.

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