Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mama Hated Diesels

The Denver Center Theater Company frequently primers musicals, which are not traditional dramatic musicals. They are pieces that are developed around an idea or a group, and feature the music associated with it. One musical that recently came to mind with the Massey coal mine explosion was Fire on the Mountain about West Virginia coal miners and their families.

Mama Hated Diesels is in that genre. It is about long haul truck drivers. Through the stories told by the actors the experiences and problems of long haul drivers are presented. Such pressure as families,drugs, lifestyles,and company practices are all presented. These are presented with pieces of country western music.

I loved this small piece. I have some small contact with drivers through my job, and this play has captured many of their stories. It might be a little sentimental, but many of the issues presented are real to these men and women.

Also the music was very good. I must admit that I am a fan of jazz and classical music, but I have a spot in my heart for country western music. Jazz and classical music are musics of the mind, while good country western music is of the heart. The music here hits the heart strongly.

Finally, included with the music and stories were a collection of wonderful photographs. Many of them are of roads in lonely place; the high plains were well represented. I grew upon the high plains,and love their solitude. I loved the photographs.

This was a wonderful piece about a group of people who are disappearing. Nice evening.

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